Thursday, 24 June 2010


Well after a year or two of neglecting my hobby whilst at uni, I have decided to set up a blog, which will hopefully give me a little more insentive to get on with some hobbying and eventually gaming. I am currently working on a new guard army alongside a dwarf bloodbowl team, which my friend and tabletop enemy has been nagging at me to get painted.

Here are some previews of what to expect. With this guard army I have taken inspiration from the likes of Dave Taylor (one of my favorite modellers around, alongside many others I have discovered through the internet) and Owen Reese. Both have produced wonderous Imperial Guard armies, and it is their vehicles I have been most interested in. Particulary Owens armoured car and Daves fabulous Imperial trucks based on the ork Trukk model.

I think I will shorten the heavy flamer as it is a little too long in my opinion. There is still a quite a bit of work to go with this, however I hope to get it finished and ready for painting soon.

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