Monday, 18 November 2013

Static defence- IG Auto cannon teams under way!

I have managed to scrape a few more hobby hours together, and have got cracking on the Infantry platoons heavy weapons teams. I am going to build six auto cannons for this platoon.

I hope to build my auto cannons like this...

...Which is a design I borrowed (stole) from the wonderful LeMediko, a tremendous hobbyist and painter on many of the WIP forums. I like the idea of remote control sentry guns, so rather than mount a seat on them, I will use a remote controlled fire system.

So far I have focused on batch producing all the pieces to build the weapons platform. 

Also, I have completed a quick mock up of the Heavy Mortar carriage. Still a good bit of work to carry out on this, but I would like to get it finished up relatively soon and get back to my hoplite, which sadly has been neglected due to a lack of inspiration. I cant quite seem to get to grips with how it is going to work.

I also managed to quickly paint up a rough rider, bringing the squad count up to seven. I have three more that need built, and have added them to my to do list as well. 

That is all for now. Hope to have more to show off soon. :)


  1. That certainly is going to be serious firepower,

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. That's the plan Tom! Plenty of armour piercing shells for the next time you bring your trukks to play. :)

  4. It's all just so...beautiful!

    Love the Autocannon. Love 'em.

  5. Thanks Admiral. I got the design off Le Mediko from Work in Progress. check out his 2nd Selenia regiment

  6. His stuff is absolutely wonderful! Has he a blog or a direct address perchance? Only, I'd love to send him compliments, but I don't do forums...

  7. I have yet to find him anywhere outside the work in progress forum and warseer I'm afraid. His work is simply stunning, especially his trucks and colossus.

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